Make or Break

Fueled by a passion for turning someone’s trash into our treasure, Make or Break is an eko interactive video show that injects a full dose of excitement into the DIY world. Who knew that only one item could be upcycled in so many ways?? Get inspired and watch now!


Pull A Sickkk 360º With Some Recycled Skateboard Art!

About 3 Minutes

Drop in on this DIY session and turn that busted board into something gnarly!!!

Have You Ever Seen Yarn Crafts This Cool?? We Doubt It!

About 3 Minutes

You’ll have a BALL! (Get it? Cuz, like, yarn comes in a ball? You get it).

Live Your Carpenter Fantasy And Make DIY Magic Out Of Wood Crates!

About 3 Minutes

Not to be rude, but crates are kinda boring… BUT NOT ANYMORE! *CUE AIR HORN!*

Start Drooling Over These Insta-Worthy DIY Picture Frame Ideas!

About 3 Minutes

Who cares about what your loved ones look like anyway?? Make your frames functional again!

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