Create With Me

Get to know your favorite content creators in a completely new way with eko’s Create With Me. You’ll get personalized tips and tricks and even create something special together in the process.

Creators & Episodes

Naomi Davis (@taza)

4 Episodes

Join @taza, a full-time content creator and mother-of-five in New York City, as she takes you on a tour of her apartment and shares her insider tips on taking the perfect family photos.

01. Get Ready with Me

About 3 Minutes

Take this style quiz to explore how your fashion choices match your personality.

02. Take Photos with Me

About 4 Minutes

Naomi shares her best tips for capturing the best shot every time.

03. Build a Gallery Wall with Me

About 3 Minutes

Play around with layout, photo editing, and composition in this interactive video with Naomi.

04. Share Your Story with Me

About 4 Minutes

Learn about your parenting style in this sweet introduction to Naomi and Love Taza.

Inside Create With Me

How eko Gives Creators a New Way to Connect

Interactive technology is changing the way audiences experience TV shows and music videos. But what about the way audiences engage with content creators themselves?

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7 Tips for Creating Content from Create With Me

If you’re looking to boost your social media presence, follow these 7 tips for creating engaging, fun content for Instagram and beyond.

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Defining a Content Creator and What it Takes

Gain insight into what a content creator is, how it has changed over the years as a profession and get tips on how to get started and grow your audience.

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